Monday, June 5, 2017

OIBF Schedule and Attending Authors

You won't want to miss all the awesomness at Ozarks Indie Book Fest in Springfield, MO.  Here is a look at the schedule and an updated list of all the attending authors so far!

Thursday Night October 19, 2017
3pm-6pm Early Registration
7pm-?? – Welcoming Treasure Hunt

Friday October 20, 2017
7:00am-Exhibitor Hall Set Up

10:00am – Exhibitor Hall Opens
11:00am – 12:00pm – Panel – Dystopian – How dystopian is ever evolving and why today’s culture is so demanding of it – Katy Walker (Blogger/Author)/ Courtney Ruggles(Author)/ Aria Michaels(Author)/ Casey Hays(Author)
12:15pm -1:15pm – Exhibitor Hall Closes for Lunch/ Doing half and half
2:30pm – 3:30pm – Panel- Newsletter vs St Teams – How to not spam, target audience & Key point noticeable – Tia Silverthorne Bach(Author)/ Cara Bristol(Author)/ Krystal Wade(Author)/Mary Ting(Author)
5:30ish – Exhibitor Hall Closes

Saturday October 21, 2017
10:00am – Exhibitor Hall Opens
11:00am – 12:00pm – Panel – Kid Connections– Importance of Reading/ Writing/ Creativity In the classroom and beyond- Kelly Risser(Author)/ Zachary Chopchinski(Author)/ SJ Pierce(Author)/ D.A. Roach(Author)/ TK Carter(Author)
12:15pm -1:15pm – Exhibitor Hall Closes for Lunch/ Doing half and half
2:30pm – 3:30pm – Panel- (ANNOUNCING SOON)
4:45sh – Exhibitor Hall Closes
4:45-5:15pm – Exhibitor Teardown
7:00pm – Awards(MORE INFO TO COME SOON)
9:00pm – Book Character Costume Party

Sunday October 22, 2017
10am-12pm – CLOSING SPEECH- Winner of Treasure hunt announced

Links for More Information and tickets:

Monday, May 15, 2017

OIBF Keynote Speaker Christina Benjamin

I am so excited to welcome author Christina Benjamin to Reading For Fun. She will be attending OIBF on October 19-22, 2017 in Springfield, MO as one of our Key Note Speakers. I have been lucky enough to meet her in Nashville and I can’t wait to see her again at OIBF.

Hello Christina and welcome! I thought we would begin with discussing your work. How many books do you currently have published? 
Oh wow, I had to count. 17 with number 18 on the way.
Of those books which one are you most proud of and why?
Such a hard question because they’re all so different, but I guess I’d have to say my first book, The Geneva Project - Truth, because it started all of this. It was spawned from my love for YA fantasy and I started writing it because I wanted to have a world all my own to share with others.
 Do you have a favorite quote from one of your books? If so, could you share it with us and explain why?

OMG, Tina this is like CNN! Lol. This is so hard. I wish I had a better memory because I know I’ll totally think of something better later, but let’s go with this one from The Geneva Project - Destiny, because it’s the one I relate to. “I’m not fearless. If anything I’m afraid all the time. But I let my fear motivate me.” I also love this one from Destiny. “Come now . . . writing is harmless. They’re just words, after all.” As a writer and book nerd words are the most powerful things in the world so I love the hidden humor and ignorance of that statement.

Are you currently working on another book? Can you share a little something about it? Is it YA, NA, Adult? What genre?
I’m always working on another book. I’ve challenged myself to do a book a month. Crazy, I know! But it’s been really fun. I primarily write YA and Romance. It’s nice to bounce back and forth between two completely different genres because I think it helps keep my writing fresh. My current WIP is YA and it’s called The Almost Boyfriend. It’s a follow up to my best-seller, The Practice Boyfriend. They’re both stand alones but part of the same collection, which is good old high school drama and gossip. They have a very Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars feel. The Almost Boyfriend takes place in Ireland so it’s been really fun researching and I can’t wait to bring the book on tour to Ireland this summer.
~~Now for a little FuN!~~

Who is your favorite author?
Another hard one! Everyone! But for the sake of not writing a novel about my favorite authors I’ll narrow it down to my fav YA authors at the moment, JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas.
Do you have a favorite book that you come back to time and time again?
I rarely read books more than once because I always feel there are so many more that I want to get to. I did listen to all the Harry Potter’s on Audible after reading them and I watch the movies over and over. So there’s that. I’m a big Potter nerd.
If you could go to one place, where would you go and why? 
I really, really want to go to Santorini, Greece because my YA series, The Geneva Project sort of takes place there. It was inspired by a lot of the amazing landscape of Greece and Greek mythology. Plus the iconic Santorini shoreline is actually part of the seal we created for the series. It’s kind of my hidden tribute to Greece.
What hobbies do you have that you do to unwind and relax? 
Can I say binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine? Lol. No, really it’s the water. Anything on the water. Cruising, sailing, boating, stand up paddle boarding, sitting on the beach or by the pool. That’s my happy place. Put a book in my hand on the beach and I’m a happy girl. My other love is music. I can’t sing or play an instrument but I love music so much. It really inspires my writing and I try to fill my days with as much live music as I can find.
Would you please share something quirky about yourself that most people wouldn’t know? 
Oh gosh, what isn’t quirky? I’m a book nerd. I write in a closet. Literally. I needed a private place to hide away and write my novels so we converted a walk in closet into an office. I call it my writing cave, or my Harry Potter room. So I pretty much spend all day in a closet. That’s quirky, right?

One last question…it needs to be a good one…
Harry Potter or Hunger Games? What do you like most about the series? 
Oh! Good one! I love them both. They’re literally on my shelves of fame! (that’s what I call the top row of my bookshelf) But I think I have to go with Potter because I’m just such a huge fan of what JK did for the world of fantasy. Her books really inspired me to create my own brand of magic that can live and breath between the pages of my books.
Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to share your thoughts and work with us. I can’t wait to see you at OIBF!!
If you would like to attend Ozarks Indie Book Fest here are a few links for more information:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Possessed by a Vampire Cover Reveal

Title: Possessed by a Vampire
Author: Susan Griscom
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR
Blurb: They possess the power to make their dreams come true—but it won’t be easy.

Preston Knight—Elvis to his friends—loves being a vampire. The night he was turned was the first step to him becoming the kind of man he always hoped to be. Now, he’s a rock star. What could be better? But the one thing that would make his world complete is just out of reach. The woman he yearns for has some serious secrets, and despite him knowing that she wants him just as much as he wants her, she won’t let him in.
Lily Gray never asked to be a vampire. The choice was taken from her eons ago, and things never improved. Now, she finds herself peddling drugs on the streets of San Francisco and playing the part of doting wife to a possessive and sadistic vampire with delusions of grandeur. But family means everything to Lily, and she’s willing to sacrifice everything for it…even her one chance at happiness with the sexy-as-sin vampire who sets her heart ablaze.
When one night of passion opens the door for a century of secrets to be revealed, Lily and Preston must fight for not only what they believe in but also what they love.
Susan Griscom writes paranormal and contemporary romance. She's hooked on sexy romances and is a huge fan of superheroes and bad boys confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers, and abilities beyond the norm mixed with steamy romance, of course.
She loves those days when she gets to sit around in her sweat pants, doing nothing but writing emotionally charged stories about love and violence.
She lives in Northern California in wine country and one of her favorite weekend excursions is wine tasting with the love of her life. Together, she and her romantic husband have five great superhero kids and eight mini-superhero grand kids, so far.
Author Links:
Facebook Author Page: 
Amazon Author Page:
Facebook personal:
Buy Links: Tempted by a Vampire (Free):
Captivated by a Vampire:
Rocked by a Vampire:
Possessed by a Vampire (Pre-Order):
“It’s up to you, Elvis.” Lincoln, the dealer, nodded in my direction and waited. I kept my eyes trained on the center of the table where chips sat in a small pile. I didn’t need to look at my cards again. I knew what I had: an eight and a queen of hearts.
There were six vampires at the table, counting both Gage and me. Gage had folded right after the deal, and so had one of the other players. I was the last to bet, and sometimes, I liked to spice things up a bit, so I matched the bet and sat back.
Heavy smoke hung in the air like delicate streams of fog, swirling in circled patterns under the light hanging from a long cord above the table. Four other lights hung on fixtures attached to the otherwise stark, tawny brown walls. Even with all the lights, the room seemed dark.
Maybe it was the darkness of the souls in the room. I wasn’t sure.
A droning sound buzzed from outside, a little annoying, but I managed to drown it out as I nonchalantly watched the faces around the table as the dealer revealed the flop.
The first card the dealer turned up was a jack of hearts, then a nine of hearts.
Holy fuck.
It was raining hearts for some reason, and I held two of them already. I held my breath, waiting for the third card in the flop. Crap, an eight of diamonds.
Not exactly what I was looking for, but a pair of eights with a queen high wasn’t completely a loss so I decided to hang in there and see if one more heart would show. There were still two cards to go, and a flush was possible.
I kept my eyes straight, my thoughts blank—or I tried—like I usually did as each card was revealed, always attempting to keep my composure, never deviating from the norm, not wanting to give away my emotions. I was an expert at reading people. Especially in a poker game. A blink of an eye, a slight twitch, a swallow, the slightest movement, anything…different could give someone’s hand away. I wanted to reach up and finger my shades that sat on top of my head. Just one little nudge and they’d be sitting comfortably on my face, shielding my eyes. But not only were dark glasses frowned upon in this high-stakes game of Texas Hold ’em, but any movement out of the ordinary might tip someone off about my cards.
This wasn’t our normal gathering with my brothers at the mansion. This was a high roller, unsanctioned but heavily guarded poker game with some seriously high-powered city officials that I’d bet my right nut were a drug cartel of some sort or another. The two thugs in the monkey suits positioned on either side of the door to the entrance had stood like statues most of the night; the bulge of a holster protruding from under their jackets an obvious clue. At least they were on the outside of the room, but they still remained at the ready if their services were required.
Gage and I didn’t normally seek out games with such high stakes, but he’d been bored lately, and when he ran into Lincoln—the game’s host—at Club Royal a couple of weeks ago, Lincoln had invited Gage and me to join. Said they’d recently lost two of their regulars and needed a couple of fill-ins.
When Gage approached me, I’d shrugged him off at first, not wanting any part of something that sounded so sketchy, but after he’d pestered me for the entire week, I finally gave in, needing a distraction from the long hours—sometimes days apart—from Lily, the sexy and sweet vampire I’d been trying to get to know better. Except, she was either playing hard to get, or just wasn’t that interested in me. Though I had a difficult time believing the latter of those two options since she continued to meet me whenever she had the time or, in her words, “could get away.” Away from what, I hadn’t been able to find out. Yet.
Getting thoughts of Lily off my mind was nearly impossible Her fair, silky-smooth skin; her mesmerizing dark coffee eyes that could hold my gaze for hours on end; the tips of her long, thick locks kissing the cleavage of her breasts where my lips longed to skim. I managed to clear my head just in time, as it was my turn to bet again. I slid my bet forward, raising the pot three thousand for appearance’s sake. In truth, without another heart or a ten, I had squat. I didn’t think the pair of eights would cut it. I had an excellent chance for a straight or a flush if either of the next two cards went my way. Since Gage had already folded, he sat still as a statue beside me, his hands together on the edge of the table. I knew he was busting a gut wondering what I held in my hand.
There were only four of us left in this hand, and I didn’t want to go home with a loss. Not against these guys. Two of them sat puffing on brown cigarettes, looking rather tough. They were tough, the sort who would drain the blood from a homeless person and leave them to die in the gutter without so much as a “thank you, ma’am.” Particularly, the one at the end with the light brown wool Stetson on his head. The word dangerous exuded from his pores. He wore that hat pulled low on his brow, shading his eyes just enough to where it was legal but not enough to reveal much about him. A neatly trimmed goatee graced his chin and his upper lip. A long ponytail made of cornrow braids hung down his back. He seemed on edge, or maybe it was just an act to throw me off.
Which he did when he raised another five thousand. That was steep, and the other two guys folded. Either the guy had something powerful, or he was bluffing his ass off and had nothing. Since I had the queen of hearts, I knew he couldn’t have a royal flush. But that didn’t rule out a straight or four of a kind. The bald-headed guy next to him folded, as did the next two. Now it was up to me, and six thousand was just about all I had left, so I shoved the entire stack I had into the middle of the table.
“I’m all in,” I said with feigned confidence.
After all the bets had been matched, the dealer flipped the fourth card.
A fucking nine of spades.
I watched out of the corner of my eye as cowboy hat’s mouth curved up on one side, the tip of his fang biting into his lower lip. Could mean he was nervous. Or cocky. Either way, my hand was dead unless a ten or another heart showed up.
My heart skipped a beat when the fifth card was flipped over. There it was, sparkling as if someone had lit it on fire. I managed to keep my composure as I chilled, though I could have sworn I heard fireworks go off outside.
The beautiful ten of hearts.
Stetson vamp chuckled and said, “Too bad. You played a nice hand.” Then he laid down his cards. A pair of nines, giving him four of a fucking kind, which would beat most hands. When he started to grab at the pile of chips, I cleared my throat.
“Hold on there, space cowboy,” I heard myself say, not sure if the cockiness in my voice would help or hinder, but that pile of chips in the center of the table belonged to me, and there was no fucking way I was letting this douche have them. I had a fucking straight flush, queen high. Beat that you fucking cocksucker. I wanted to gloat but managed to keep my cool and simply turned the two cards in my hand over and placed them face up on the table.
His face paled, if that were possible. His dark-stubbled jaw flexed. His eyes narrowed to slits. His left ear twitched, and he placed both his palms on the table as he stood, glaring at me. Everyone sitting around the table stiffened. The chips lay in a heap in the middle. He kept his large ebony eyes on mine, never faltering. I allowed myself to stare right back, not moving a centimeter. I was good at stare-out games. I’d had a cat, many in fact, and we constantly played this game. Stetson hat was no different in my mind. Though I was positive he thought differently. This guy was too fucking arrogant for my taste. I’d wondered from the moment I sat down if he was going to be trouble.
“Jace, you ready?” he barked.
The guy at the end of the table—Jace, I assumed—nodded. “Yep, I’m all tapped out. Ladies.”
Stetson hat shrugged into a light brown wool coat, generously embellished with dark brown fur at the lapel, all the while keeping his eyes glued to me. “Be sure to join us again. I look forward to the opportunity to win that back.” His eyes briefly averted to the large pile of chips in the middle of the table before returning to mine, and then he touched the rim of his hat and nodded like he was fucking Clint Eastwood. “Gentlemen.” He kept his lips tight as he turned and walked out. Stopping by another vampire on his way, he looked down at him, made some sort of gesture with his hand, and left the room. Jace, and two other large vampires went with him.
Gage cleared his throat. “Fuck, man. That was intense.” The three dudes left at the table all sighed heavily.
The vampire that Stetson hat had gestured to stood up. “Roach would like you to join him at his employer’s mansion.” Roach? What the fuck kind of person names their kid Roach? I almost laughed. The poor guy. No wonder he was so intense. “It is open to you any Friday evening. That is the night they entertain small groups. Midnight. Here’s the address.” He slipped me a card. I glanced down at the etching on the flat piece of metal.
It read:
Sweet’s Delicacies
Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got it.
Sweet Towers, Sky Deck.
When the vampire had left, Gage grabbed the card from me. “Shit. Looks like he wants a rematch.”
“Well, he isn’t getting one,” I retorted and threw the fancy card down on the table. This was over right now. I didn’t want any part of whatever the fuck that guy was dealing.
“I wouldn’t be so quick to pass on that invite if I were you, Elvis,” Lincoln, the vampire who’d hosted the night’s game, said. “That vampire works for Sweet, one of this city’s most dominant and influential business owners. He has the support of the local labor board, as well as several other highfalutin bigwigs in the city. It’s quite the honor to be invited, even if it was by his right-hand man. Sweet doesn’t give out invitations to his private parties very often. And his parties don’t have anything to do with card games, if you get my drift. Roach must have liked you.” He winked.
I raised my eyebrows up at Lincoln in question.
“You know. Sex, drugs. Those kinds of parties. Group or single, whatever you desire, so I’ve heard.”
Whatever kind of parties, I wasn’t into group sex or drugs. I had a woman, or at least a woman I wanted, as the vision of Lily’s striking brown eyes set against her smooth, deep black hair floated through my mind. I got to my feet and shrugged into my coat. “Come on, Gage, let’s split.”